Ary Luiz Bon

Ary Luiz Bon

Consultor gráfico

Cotia, Brazil

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His background

  • Today


    1000 - 4999 employees

    Dates (start - end) Employer ITG - CAT Consultoria Técnica S/C ltda (own company /
    Market Consultancy in Graphic Arts
    In charge of Partner / Consultant
    Main activities Custom services focusing printing processes - conventional and digital, color
    and responsibilities measurement, color management and software assisted color formulation.
    Realizations I helped companies in the solving of production issues, designed operational
    procedures in production environments, helped to implement color
    management routines, color quality control and in the building of color
    databases for ink manufacturers.
    I designed production devices for graphic applications to be locally
    manufactured, and did consulting services for Printed circuits manufacturers,
    plastics and textile printers, digital printers, gravure printers and ink
    I was lecturer in technical seminars on Color Measurement, radiation curing
    for printing inks, Screen printing and Printed Circuits Production. I wrote series
    of articles in specialized magazines from publishing companies in Brazil and
    I volunteered in ABNT (national standards body) coordinating three working
    groups for stardardizing the screen printing prepress and ink process color
    sets sor screen printing (ABTG - ONS 27 - ABNT)
    I also co-authored a scientific paper in the Inks Congress ABRAFATI.
  • Today

    Representante de Marketing

    +5000 employees

    Market Document Technology
    In charge of Marketing specialist (sales)
    Main activities During 2 years, support to digital printing products and developing color
    and responsibilities applications.
    Realizations Sales support in specific areas of the graphic arts market, and broadening
    applications in the office, financial and print-for-pay markets.
    Helped to develop variable data color applications for service bureaus.
  • Today

    Manufacturer representative

    Latin Rep Associates

    Market 3rd party manufacturer representative for USA client companies (in Brazil)
    In charge of Sales representative
    Main activities One year representing hardware and software vendors through sales
    and responsibilities channels into Brazil and offering technical support to the Splash RIP for Xerox
    sales people and to end users.
    Realizations I helped through technical and commercial support, to surpass cultural
    barriers to product use, reducing stocks and improving sales volume in the
    graphic arts market. I achieved an increase of the hired workload for the
    client Splash technologies /Xerox as a result

  • Today

    Manufacturer representative

    Autotype Americas Inc

    Market Graphic Arts Products
    In charge of Manufacturer's representative
    Main activities Four years representing the global company in six countries in South
    and responsibilities America, stablishing and managing channels, identifying distributors
    and supplying technical training in products for Graphic arts, prepress,
    screen printing, gravure, digital printing and engineering plastics.
    Realizations In Chile, I suceeded in the exchange of the sales volume of end-of-life
    products for new product lines and application markets in the local
    distribuitor. This development included the preparation and
    presentation of technical lectures to local users..
    In Brazil, I introduced new screen printing products into the market.
    In Argentina, identifyed new distribuitors for different product lines, and
    helped to solve technical issues in a gravure printing company.
    In Uruguay, started up local business. In Bolivia, I extended the support to the
    Chilean distribuitor with branches in this country.
    I also presented technical papers and lectured at a Ceramics Congress in
    S.Paulo (ABIC)
  • Today


    CAT Consultoria Técnica S/C Ltda.

    Market Consultancy
    In charge of Partner /consultant
    Main activities Consultancy for different application industries like Printed Circuits, prepress
    and responsibilities bureaus, glass, ceramic, textile and plastics printing. Also offer training in
    drawuing with Autocad in 2D.
    Realizations I built a reputation for the company in the screen printing markets. I also
    helped to define the technical course curriculum of screen printing for the
    SENAI School of Graphic Arts in São Paulo, and for the Printed Circuit
    production training at the Brazilian Association of Printied Circuits (ABRACI)
    I prepared a research work and presented it at a international Congress of
    Printed Circuits and published articles in specialized magazines.
  • Today

    Engenheiro de processos

    Eletrocomp Produtos Eletronicos ltda

    Market Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards rigid (FR3, FR4, 4-layers), flexible
    (PET /copper, Polyimide /copper) and membrane switch (PTF /fascia and metal
    In charge of Process Engineer.
    Main activities All production activities involving image transfer, Dry-film and Screen Printing.
    and responsibilities Diagnosing production issues, specifying procedures, layout, devices, testing
    and approval of producs for production.
    Realizations I corrected /adjusted production routines, Designed and ordered equipment
    adaptations, stablished metrics and stabilized the productivity in 3 sectors
    (phototooling, screen and first-image lines).
    I implemented through-hole conductive printing, prototyped printed resistors
    and implemented a pre-registration system for membrane switches.
  • Today

    Supervisor de produção


    Market Manufacturer of rigid Printed Circuit Boards FR3, FR4 and 4-layers)
    In charge of Production Supervisor
    Main activities In charge of supervising 3 production lines with a total 23 employees, (direct
    and responsibilities dry-film imaging, screen printing and screen production).
    Realizations I adjusted production routines, satabilized productivity, implemented control
    routines, adjusted layout and designed a system for archiving images

  • Today


    P.A. Projetos e Arquitetura ltda

    Market Building construction design, product design and graphic design
    In charge of Consultant, Director
    Main activities CREA Licensed Building Design and executioneer.
    and responsibilities
    Realizations I designed and obtained building approval for a lodging for students
    for the ``Camilo Castelo Branco'' University (S.Paulo),
    and did several building design and refurbishing projects.
    I designed body careens in rigid urethane foam for electro mechanical
    devices, specifyed the infra-structure for printed circuits prototyping
    and specifyed a course curriculum for printed circuits small production
    at a technical school.
  • Today


    Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia

    Dates (start - end) service and teaching consultant
    Market Photography and screen printing courses, design services and consultancy.
    In charge of Contracting
    Main activities Teacher in regular Photography and Screen Prionting courses, Contractor for
    and responsibilities special technical services.
    Realizations I designed and supervised the construction of devices for producing front
    panels and printed circuit boards for biomedical equipment at a cardiology
    Institute in São Paulo ( Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia)
    I did several graphic design services involving photography, text
    photoproduction, pasting-up and preparing make-ready arts.
  • Fac Arquitetura e Urbanismo Bras Cubas

    School /organization name Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo Brás Cubas, Mog das.Cruzes, SP

    PERSONAL HABILITIES Acquired through practice during the careers, not all formally certified:

    AND COMPETENCE Photography, Screen printing, prepress, color measurement, color
    management, Production environment and layout design, building
    construction design, mechanical
  • Today

    Self-employed artist

    Pro-Tec School

    Market Fine Arts
    In charge of Student, Artist
    Main activities Student at the S.Paulo engraving nucleus NUGRASP - printing techniques
    and responsibilities Architecture Student in two universities in S.J.Campos and M.Cruzes, SP Brazil
    Independent researcher in Photography
    Student of Artistic Design at Pro-Tec School, São Paulo.
    Realizations Participated in collective Art exibitions in São Paulo
    Participated in official City Art exibition contests in São Paulo, Santo André,
    São Caetano, Atibaia,
    I was granted a 1st prize for the photography work in a exibition contest in
    São José dos Campos, SP
  • Fac Arquitetura e Urbanismo Elmano F Velloso

    School /organization name Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo Elmano Ferreira Velloso
    S.J.Campos, SP
    Scope Architecture, Building Construction, Urban Planning
    Title granted Arquitect
    Recognization Licensed CREA

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His skills

  • Artistic Design
  • Manage projects
  • Offer training
  • PCB
  • Product design
  • Product training
  • Quality Control
  • Sales support
  • Several building design
  • Technical support
  • Layout design
  • Graphic design
  • Audit
  • Autocad
  • Cardiology
  • Color management
  • Colorimetria
  • Construction design
  • CRM training
  • Design
  • Develop variable data
  • Technical training

His languages

  • Portuguese
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French

    About him

    Main activities During 2 years, support to digital printing products and developing color
    and responsibilities applications.
    Realizations Sales support in specific areas of the graphic arts market, and broadening
    applications in the office, financial and print-for-pay markets.
    Helped to develop variable data color applications for service bureaus.

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