Joval Gomes da Silva *

Joval Gomes da Silva *

Corretor de Imóveis, JT Corretora de Imóveis Ltda.

Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil

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    Corretor de Imóveis

    Joval & Tatiana - Real Estate Advisory & Consultancy and International Businesses
    JT Imóveis & Commodities

    We are expert real estate brokers with experience in advising national and foreign investors. We offer our services in advising about prospects in diverse branches of business. Ethics and trust are key aspects of our work. The know-how and experience are the result of dedication, secrecy and respect for our clients. We assist clients throughout all the country as well as international clients who decide to invest in Brazil, Argentina or Paraguay, this being possible especially due to our strategic location in the three-frontier city which is the capital of MERCOSUL (The alliance for common market and taxes between South American countries).
    Our professional growth is consolidated due to the development of new business projects in fast growing areas such as investment in Hotel chains, Real Estate enterprises and advisory services properly suited to each investor interest. Thus, we develop innovative solutions and help our clients to explore the best opportunities for great deals and profitable business.
    Our proposition is to advise our clients and help them to carry out the marketing of properties throughout the country, making sure that the transactions of sale, rental or exchange of property in Brazil as well as in the countries of MERCOSUL will be fulfilled with satisfactory and lucrative results for our clients.
    We have worked based on creative and innovative business prospects which is grounded in ethics and trust when it comes to the search for the best properties, having as a distinguished mark that define us the secrecy of information whatever the type of transaction may be: purchase, sale or rental of properties.
    Operations with commodities are a consequence of the development of our work in agriculture businesses. The business partnerships with MC Business, Bahrbosa trade - Italy - Veneto Trading Company and Brazil, besides the graduation in Exterior Commerce and specialization in Customs Agent, took us joining this important area of business.
    We started in real estate market 18 years ago, and have since sought to put our knowledge and confidence at our clients’ service in all business transactions over that period. Our experience in other areas, such as designer of general construction, study and development of new residential areas, subdivision and unification, surveys on land specification and topography services for a period of 25 years, besides 12 years working in the area of municipal public security, having developed projects on property security (monitored alarms, electric fences, CCTV camera systems), also working since two years ago as a commercial agent of security equipment and vehicle tracking. Academic experience with degree in different other areas such as Languages, Computer Science and Foreign Trade and specialization in Customs Agent, qualify to manage huge transactions in real estate and commodities market with all the assurance, confidence and trust required in this sector.

    About The Professionals:

    Joval & Tatiana – Real Estate Advisory & Consultancy and International Businesses are brokers with a vast experience in real estate investments specialized in hotel properties to foreign investors and commodities. We are a family partnership with national and international action and we have a diversified businesses portfolio, always having the prospective and the innovative as key aspects in our services.
    As specialists in real estate market and commodities, we seek to impart knowledge and confidence to our clients, putting these our 18 years of experience in trades as the basis for trust and confidence in our management expertise and international businesses.
  • Unioeste - Universidade Do Oeste Do Paraná

    Licenciatura - Portugues/Espanhol
    Campus de Foz do Iguaçu - É um prazer revê-los. Sucesso a todos.
  • Hoje

    Escriturário I

    Prefeitura Municipal de Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná

    Trabalhou todo o período na Secretaria Municipal da Fazenda - Departamento de Tributação, em várias funções, a saber:
    - De 05/11/1978 à 30/06/1979 na função de contínuo;
    - De 01/07/1979 à 31/03/1981 na função de Escrevente Datilógrafo;
    - De 01/04/1981 à 01/11/1982 na função de Escriturário I.

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  • Corretor de imóveis


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    Somos profissionais do setor imobiliário com atendimento a investidores nacionais e internacionais. Dispomo-nos para a prospecção de negócios diversificados em que a ética e a confiança constituem aspectos determinantes do nosso trabalho. O know how e experiência são resultados de dedicação, sigilo e respeito aos nossos clientes. Atendemos a clientes de todo o país como também a clientes internacionais decididos a investir no Brasil, Argentina ou Paraguai.

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